Anti-Tailgating Systems Modernizing Our Security Culture

Michael Soto

Director of Technology Services

Religious institutions, educational facilities, technology campuses, and manufacturing and distribution facilities have been trying to solve tailgating or piggybacking as long as they have been focused on securing their campuses and buildings. Tailgating or piggybacking is the act of entering a building through a secured entrance without presenting your own credentials; either grabbing ahold of a closing door as someone leaves a building or walking behind a credentialed person as they enter (often as they hold the door open for you). Advanced access security systems coupled with modern intrusion detection and reinforced with sophisticated video surveillance have the capability of delivering perimeter intrusion prevention except for one major flaw: your staff, parents, or employees. Our own well intentions are preventing the technology from working effectively. In the current tragic climate of public mass shootings, building security is no longer about preventing theft; it’s about preventing tragedy.

We learned from an early age to hold the door open for strangers, it was as culturally ingrained as “please and thank you.” Unfortunately, we need to put aside our mild manners and become comfortable enforcing more stringent security measures to protect our friends and family.

These challenges are not isolated to your campus, professionals across the country are facing the same cultural habits and fortunately the security technology sector has advanced solutions to help reinforce better behavior with the implementation of anti-tailgating measures that can detect each individual who passes through secure barriers. The biometric readers can detect when two persons pass through with one credential and can alert surveillance cameras to track the unauthorized person and alert security officials. Additionally, security and executive teams can chose to put in place protocols that suspend the credentialed employee who allowed unauthorized visitor access to reinforce the appropriate behavior.

We encourage you to look holistically at not only your security systems but also your security protocols and security culture. It is the unfortunate reality that it takes the undivided attention of your entire team to keep your churches, campuses, and workplaces safe. synerBuild’s technology design group can assess your current security systems and advise on improvements that will enhance your overall site safety.