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Even the smallest construction project can be complex and often require the skills of numerous architects, engineers, contractors, vendors and input from many of your internal stakeholders. Let us help you bring the right team to the table and then lead through to completion. 

save time

You already have a full time job, let us handle the details of the project. We will act as your eyes and ears along every step of the way, ensure no detail is missed, and keep you informed so that you can focus on the important decisions that keep the project moving. 


save money

We have been there before and we have done that. Let us help you avoid costly mistakes, remove uncertainty that drives up cost, and draw out the most value in your project.  

We have been on your side of the table as real estate executives ourselves; we function as an extension of your in-house team.


  • Alignment of stakeholders, business units, & execs
  • Develop planning metrics ($/SF, RSF, HC/SF)
  • Site selection analysis & due diligence 
  • Lease & work letter review
  • Master schedule
  • Programming & planning
  • Design management 
  • Plan & secure internal capital


  • Bid & procurement 
  • Budget & invoice management
  • Construction management 
  • Manage internal fit-up (IT, Security, AV...)
  • Relocation management 
  • Manage landlord requirements & allowances
  • Closeout & commissioning 

We understand you have an obligation to deliver for both your tenant and asset partner.


  • Build-to-suit & capital managed tenant builds
  • Capital asset planning 
  • Capital improvements 
  • Repositioning 
  • Energy efficiency studies & improvements 
  • Lease & work letter review
  • Develop building rules & standards


  • Master schedule
  • Design management
  • Bid & procurement 
  • Budget & invoice management
  • Construction management 
  • Manage tenant reimbursement & allowances
  • Closeout & commissioning 

Delivering on time and on budget isn't a question.


  • Site selection & due diligence 
  • Infill, repositioning, & new development
  • Purchase sale agreement review 
  • Constructibility review
  • Risk management
  • Financial management 
  • Regulatory agency coordination & negotiation
  • Progressive reporting
  • Pay application review 


  • Cash flow analysis 
  • Master schedule
  • Design management
  • Bid & procurement 
  • Budget & invoice management
  • Construction management 
  • Leasing strategy 
  • Closeout & commissioning 

The project isn't connected, unless it is.


  • Structured Cabling Infrastructure Design 
  • Network (LAN) I Wireless Design
  • Audio Visual Systems Design
  • Security & Access Control Design 
  • Data Center, MPOE, Network & Server Room Design
  • Telephony Systems Design 
  • Distribution Antenna Systems Design
  • Room Scheduling Systems Design
  • Healthcare Technology Systems Design: Nurse Call, Patient Monitoring, and Telemetry
  • Single Point of Failure Analysis 
  • Infrastructure System Reliability Studies
  • Technology Assessments 
  • Power Systems Analysis
  • Product Manufacturer Review 


  • System Migration Planning & Mapping
  • Commissioning Specifications & Plans
  • Integrated Systems Commissioning
  • Construction Management
  • Quality Control
  • Closeouts & Training Management
  • Bid & Procurement Services
  • Budget Management
  • Value Engineering
  • Contract Management
  • Milestone & Detailed Install Schedules
  • Technology Strategic Plan Development
  • Subcontractor Submittal Review